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BYKlyn Takeover
The Cool Down at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

We are excited to review our first ever cycling class with the community-focused BYKlyn Cycle. This cardio workout will have you sweating, but with BYKlyn's focus on a real ride, you'll get all your cardio "ya-ya's" without the insane acrobatics. Featuring Founder and CEO Amy Glosser. So grab your shoes and get on the bike!

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Brokelyn at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

Now that “spring” has “arrived” and everyone you know is talking about how much they love riding bikes in Prospect Park, you have a couple options: (1) Finally buy a bike, or (2) Practice your bike riding skills by taking a spin class. If the latter option is more up your alley — and who among us isn’t more motivated, when being shouted at? — then you might be interested in a week of free (free!) spin classes at BYKlyn Cycling & Fitness.

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89th and Broke at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

BYKlyn is a new cycling studio in Brooklyn on Flatbush between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue. Through April 29, they are offering several free classes...
Racked at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling is a great place to start because, in a dark, loud room, no one can see how fast you're pedaling or what your resistance level is. Work your way up to competition-focused brands that display real-time rider stats (that's your Swerve, your Flywheel, your Peloton) and start with indie studios that are light on both bike technology and upper body choreography (a favorite of places like SyncStudio). Byklyn on Flatbush Avenue and Revolve in Union Square both meet these criteria—

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Gentle Gyms, or How To Break Into the Boutique Fitness Scene (11/19/14)
Fit Bottomed Girls at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

When I tell people that I teach anywhere between six and eight indoor classes per week, many say, “Oh my! I hear cycling is the most difficult class to take!” I make a point of reassuring them that not only is it a manageable class for just about every level of fitness but it’s also a ton of fun — pinky swear!

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Brooklyn Based at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

The block of Flatbush between St. Marks and Prospect offers two places to get a hard-core workout: BYKLYN, Park Slope’s newest indoor cycling gym.

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F'd in Park Slope at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

There's a new spin joint opening up on Flatbush between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue. It's called BYKlyn, and they are kicking off with an opening party this Thursday from 4-8PM, when you can check out the studio, meet the instructors, and have a drink.
Racked New York at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

Ahead, we've looked at ten indoor cycling studios to determine what they're doing differently from everyone else—also known as their "thing"—whether it's incorporating your upper body, attaching high-tech gadgets to the bike, or competing against others in your class.

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Active Mama at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

The class was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back! BYKLYN offers many different combo classes including mashups of spinning/bootcamp, spinning/yoga etc. they also offer straight cycling classes at a reasonable price compared to other boutique spinning facilities at $26 per class.

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Fitness Class Adventures: BYKlyn Spin Event #DoItForTheRide
Losing in the City at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

If you live in Brooklyn and you’ve never tried spin or you like spin but never had a studio in Brooklyn you can go to, I highly recommend taking a class at BYKLYN. The teachers are patient, the music is great and energy is perfect.
Mommy R + R at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

Despite my huffing and puffing this was the best full body workout I’ve had in a long time. Its definitely a studio that’s in close proximity for anyone to visit as it’s a stone’s throw away from Atlantic Center where you can find the 123456BDNQR trains and one more block over from there is the G. Parking is also ample since this area is very beautiful and very residential. Pricing is also reasonable.
Well+Good at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

We rode with BYKlyn’s master instructor, Kat Piola, who’s also a marathoner and a Pilates instructor. Her rad playlist and encouragements had a schooled-in-Manhattan vibe, without being too polished or precious. Which, for Glosser, is the whole point. “Like the locavore trend in food—we are that in fitness,” she says. “Not a chain, not a big company, just some Brooklyn folks getting it done for Brooklyn.”

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Class Pass at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

Spin classes can be a wee bit overwhelming between the dark room, loud music, figuring out how to set-up a spin bike and learning how to clip in and out of the pedals. We covered the basics in Spin 101 and now we are here to help with bike set-up. Proper bike set-up can make your next ride both injury-free and more enjoyable. BYKlyn Master Instructor Kat Piola gives us the lowdown on how to set up a spin bike.
Park Slope Walk at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

You may have heard about the new cycling studio that opened on Flatbush on Saturday. We walked in this morning and it was already packed. Owner Amy Glosser told us the secret to getting a free class.
Park Slope Stoop at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling

When she heard Cycle Bar was going to close its space on 5th Avenue, Amy Glosser was one of many people who worked out there who was disappointed to see it go. But rather than find someplace else to attend spin classes, Amy decided to create her own studio. And now, just a few months after making the decision, she’s opening BYKlyn, a new cycling and fitness space at 258 Flatbush Avenue.

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