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BYKlyn's Signature Classes 




(45 minutes)

45 minutes of high intensity cardio in our BYKbox. Hills, Flats, Sprints, Intervals. Raw. Real. Results.



BYK Yoga

(60 minutes)

BYK ride for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of athletic Yoga flow... focusing on hip mobility, balance, and core. The perfect pairing—cardio plus stretch and strength.


BYK Body

(45 minutes)

BYKlyn’s full body workout: 40 minutes of raging cardio followed by 5 minute arm sizzle and chisel to the right of the bike!


BYK & Boot

(60 minutes)
The total BYK body: 30 min cycling, 30 min boot camp... a HIIT workout for your arms, legs, core and tush! **Bring your sneakers!**  

BYK Body Plus

(60 minutes)
45 minute PureBYK Plus 15 minutes Madness in the Front Gym: Arms, Core, Gluts...Gulp!! A TRUE cycling full body workout. 


(60 minutes)
If you like wet T shirts, this class is for you. Serious workout, serious results, great for outdoor riders as well as indoor cyclists and anyone looking to build endurance.

Pilates XPress - $10!
(30 minutes)
30 Min Pilates Mat Class with props to tone up those abs, back, obliques, arms, legs & glutes--the whole deal. The perfect compliment to cycling! $10 to either add on to the Spin Class ending at 9:45AM for a full body cardio & tone or drop in for a 30 Min toning workout.

(45 minutes)

Built on a foundation of high intensity drills and layered with power generating intervals, this 45 minute ride focuses on heart rate training to take your overall fitness to the next, more powerful level. This class will challenge the avid outdoor cyclist training for their next race, the indoor cycling connoisseur, and anyone in between, so come in and let's play with your heart(rates)!

We love Brooklyn and do what we can to source everything from local Brooklyn businesses!   

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