What is BYKlyn?

BYKlyn is Brooklyn’s OWN indoor cycling studio, located at 258 Flatbush Avenue, between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue.  We offer group indoor cycling and fitness classes for all levels from the newbie to the triathlete.

Why BYKlyn? What’s different about this studio?

Like many studios, we offer an intense workout with real results. So, how are we different? No judgments, no fancy clothes and a service-oriented staff who takes the time to know your name, fit you on the bike and make your experience great. We are known for Real Ride--no fancy disco moves or dangerous dance routines on the bike. Instead, we give you a workout similar to the outdoor experience--hills, speed, intervals--in and out of the saddle and all to GREAT music.  Our prices are reasonable, our vibe is definitively Brooklyn and we’re devoted to our community. Check out the local charities we support each month with donations and community rides!  

It’s my first time - what do you recommend?

First, glad you decided to take the plunge!  We LOVE newbies!  Many tell us we’re the best place for first-timers. Why? Because we take the time to fit you on the bike, teach you how to clip in/clip out with bike shoes and give you the scoop about how this all works (positions, monitors, proper form, etc). We aim to make you feel comfortable, welcome and not at all intimidated from ride one!  Your part: wear comfortable workout clothes like leggings and a top that absorbs sweat because that will happen. Make sure to bring socks and perhaps a water bottle to fill up here. (We sell water bottles if you worries). Oh, and bring that can-do attitude. The beauty of indoor cycling is that everyone--newbie to triathlete--can go at their own pace. For your first time, we encourage you to push yourself, but not too hard. Use your first few rides to learn your body and your limits and let your body get used to this new experience.  One thing to note-- your derriere might be sore the following day and/or your legs as well. This is totally normal but goes away after a few rides. Like all workouts, though, if you feel intense pain or discomfort, you should consult your doctor. So which class should you take?

Which class do you recommend for folks new to indoor cycling?

Any and all classes are good for newbies except our BYK60 (1 hour class) and BYK& Boot (½ bike ½ boot camp)  All our instructors and front desk staff have been trained to fit you on the bike and make you feel comfortable. Our instructors use clear cueing throughout class so you will easily be able to follow along.

Do you have a special deal for newbies?

Absolutely!   New riders at BYKlyn can get  2 classes for $20 -- an outstanding deal. This allows you to try 2 different classes or different instructors, and it allows you to have an experience beyond the first class so you can judge if this is for you.  There’s another secret deal you can get after your first 2 classes….our Training Wheels package: 5 classes for $100. This includes shoes and saves you $30!  

Do I need cycling shoes?

We highly recommend using cycling shoes - it just makes for a better and more efficient ride! (see "Why Clip-In" below) We rent shoes for $2. ($3 for third-party bookers -- ClassPass and Zenrez) Are you a Monthly BYK membership holder?  Good news! If you join us as a member, your shoes are included. Have your own shoes? No problem. Our bikes are both LOOK/Delta & SPD compatible.

Why Clip-In?

With clips, your foot is kept straight—no flexing— and more of your leg power is applied directly to the pedals instead of being absorbed in the flexing of your feet. The result is that you will be able to apply power to the pedals throughout the entire pedal stroke instead of just mashing down on them.  This gives you a more intense workout and better results.  Our bikes are both LOOK/Delta & SPD compatible.  

When do you have classes?

We offer 30-40 classes a week depending on the season (more in winter!) Classes happen before work (6:30 + 7:30am), mid-morning (9am or 9:30am), after work (5:15pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm) and weekends (8:30am-1pm, and afternoons)  Yes, our classes fill up so book ‘em on line before you come!

Do you supply or sell water?

At BYKlyn, we do what we can to cut down on plastic waste…so we don’t sell water in disposable plastic water bottles like most gyms.  Instead, we sell very handsome, BPA-free, reusable water bottles that are great for biking and just having around, just $2! Oh, and we give you all the filtered water you want for free. Drink up—hydration is critical for cyclists!

Do you have lockers?

We don't have lockers at BYKlyn, but we have big shelves and hooks in the BYKbox—the room that houses our bikes--so no worries, your stuff is with you and safe.

Do you have showers?

Alas, no showers, but we have 2 bathrooms/changing rooms. But, for those who need it, we sell something called the Shower Pill which is a disposable oversized hand-towel that does the trick for that shower on the go.

Is there an arm workout during the class?

Yes!  One of our signature classes is BYK + Tone that includes 5 minutes of arm sizzle and chisel.  At BYKlyn we dismount and do all arm workouts next to the bike.  This ensures that the rider can stabilize the lower body, better engage the core and achieve proper form.  The result—better and safer arm work outs for all. Beyond BYK + Tone we have several combo classes that include some arm workouts -- BYK & Boot, BYKBody Plus, and Pilates Xpress. See class descriptions for more info.

Do you offer anything other than cycling workouts?

BYKlyn is all about cycling.  But we offer a variety of classes that combine cycling and other workouts.  We offer BYK & Boot that combines cycling with boot camp (each for 30 minutes), BYKBody that combines cycling with 5 minutes of arm exercises with weights, and BYK+ Tone that combines cycling with 15 minutes of arms & abs

What happens if I’m put on the waitlist?

You're waitlisted... it's ok! If another rider cancels before class, you will automatically be added to the roster and will receive an email telling you the good news. If that does not happen, you may also pop in to the studio right before class and we'll see what we can do to get you on the BYK! Unclaimed BYKs  are open to waitlisters AT THE START of class.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: To receive a full credit for a cancellation of a ride reservation, you must cancel your ride reservation at least 8 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class. Classes not cancelled within 8 hours will be charged to your series. You can cancel the reservation online by logging into your profile, sending us an email to or calling us: 347-987-4771.

Do classes and packages expire?

The 5 class pack expires in 3 months and the 10 class pack expires in 6 months. Our memberships however are different. They auto-renew every month (automatically charge to your credit card on file). All unused classes expire at the end of the month with no roll-over.

Wanna have a party at BYKlyn?

We LOVE parties! Birthdays, bridal parties, charity rides, fundraisers and  corporate name it. Email us for more details at

What if I’m late for class?

We totally get it….work, transportation, parking etc. It happens!  We have a 5 minute grace period--you can enter class 5 minutes late. If class is full, however, it’s different. Your BYK will be given up to a waitlisted rider at the start of class. If you are running late, call us:  347-987-4771. Let us know you're on your way and we'll hold your spot.  

What kind of dog is Penny, BYKlyn CCO (Chief Canine Officer)?

Meet Penny, CCO of BYKlyn. She is a cockapoo in charge of greeting all riders, floor inspection and general happiness.

Penny the dog at BYKlyn Indoor Cycling      


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