Samantha Gipson

Name: Samantha Gipson

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Why BYKlyn: It’s the community. Of course it’s a great workout, but beyond that, it’s a place where riders hang out after class to talk about their day...or in my case, about any new fitness or healthy trends and of course my bitch cat, Eleanor.

What’s your class really like: Pilates Xpress gets at muscles you don’t normally work on your own, but really should. The class is a quick, tough, and an efficient 30 min workout. I’m hands-on (think adjustments), obsessed on working that booty & core, but also like to add in some fascia release. You will feel lengthened and strengthened at the end of every class.

What’s your music vibe: I like to play a pop chill vibe to keep it upbeat, but still maintain the feeling of being a Pilates class. Some of my faves right now are Halsey, Petit Biscuit, Lauv, & ARIZONA.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I teach Pilates privates outside of managing and teaching at BYKlyn. I went to FIT in NYC and spent 8+ years working in fashion. With BYKlyn, I’ve made the leap to full-time fitness and couldn’t be happier with my new career.

Anything else you want us to know:
I’m an avid foodie, wine drinker, & cat lover. I love to travel - especially with my new husband and I love working out, but know the importance of living a little too.

Social Media:

FB: Samantha Autry Gipson
IG: @peachy.pilates
Spotify: Samantha Autry


Samantha Gipson instructs the following:
  • Pilates Xpress (30 Min - $10!)
  • 30 Min Pilates Mat Class with props to tone up those abs, back, obliques, arms, legs & glutes--the whole deal. The perfect compliment to cycling! $10 to either add on to the Spin Class ending at 9:45AM for a full body cardio & tone or drop in for a 30 Min toning workout.