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Samantha Gipson

Samantha, (a.k.a HBIC at BYKlyn cuz she’s our kick butt General Manager), grew up in North Carolina climbing peach trees on her grandfather’s peach orchard. As a dancer and tennis player, she saw her share of injuries and someone suggested Pilates. She fell in love with the practice for its toning and lengthening. She saw the benefits of better posture, stronger core, and less injuries. She drank the Pilates Kool-Aid and became an instructor to share the love. Warning…Samantha looks sweet, but she might use that whip in her back pocket to keep you all pushing for the last set of reps.
FB: Samantha Autry Gipson
IG: samanthaagipson

Samantha Gipson instructs the following:
  • Pilates for BYKers
  • Hey BYKers, It's Pilates Time!

    Here's why...

    Cross-Train: We love cycling but everyone needs to mix it up a bit...get your body doing other things. Pilates--1 hour mat class to build strength and flexibility--key compliments to cycling.

    Core is MORE! Pilates begins and ends with core work--abs, back, obliques the key to strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. It all starts with a strong core.

    Strengthen and Lengthen: We crouch and hunch all day--screens, bikes, the cold. Not with Pilates! It's all about strengthen and lengthen, long and lean!

  • Pilates Xpress (30 Min - $10!)
  • 30 Min Pilates Mat Class with props to tone up those abs, back, obliques, arms, legs & glutes--the whole deal. The perfect compliment to cycling! $10 to either add on to the Spin Class ending at 9:45AM for a full body cardio & tone or drop in for a 30 Min toning workout.