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Tiffani Carter-Thompson

Tiffani believes that the connection between your fit life and real life should be fun. An eternal optimist, Tiffani loves to spread positivity – in her class, everyone is a warrior and we fly high! A new jersey native with Bermudian family roots, Tiffani and her husband have lived in Brooklyn for nearly 20 years (and in Park Slope for 8 years), where she is an active member of her community. Tiffani started her cycling journey over 15 years ago when she discovered indoor cycling at a neighborhood gym and fell in love with the movement and rhythm of the class. Tiffani is a MAD DOGG Certified Spinning Instructor, a passionate CrossFit athlete, a warm-weather runner and a self-proclaimed beach babe. She is also a closet DJ who loves to merge hip hop and old school garage house music into a super-hyped playlist that is both inspiring and motivating. Join her for a fitness high every Sunday!
IG: @TiffDCarTom
FB: Tiffani Carter

Tiffani Carter-Thompson instructs the following:
  • PureBYK
  • THE BYKlyn Experience: 45 minutes of high intensity cardio in our BYKbox to AMAZING music fitting the ride. Hills, Flats, Sprints, Intervals. This is a "no push up zone".