This class is taught by:

Ifrat Syeda

Name: Ifrat Syeda
Hometown: Brooklyn (We go hard!)

Why BYKlyn? Did you know that BYKlyn is where I got certified to teach indoor cycling? It’s true! In that certification, I met Amy, other instructors like Kat, and Eric, and the ever so cute Penny! It was, as cliche as it sounds, love at first sight. I fell in love with the other instructors, the riders, the studio, the community as a whole. I couldn’t deny it, couldn’t stay away from it. Even after moving to Harlem, I’ll still do the commute down here to ride or to teach!


What’s your class really like: I truly believe that we are all athletes. And so we train like one! No push-ups. No tap-backs. It’s sprints, hills, and drills all to the beat of the music with some bad jokes thrown in. Please laugh. It makes it SO much less awkward for the both of us.


What’s your music vibe: Top 40’s, techno, trap. But hey! If you’ve got a song in mind…come slide in to the DMs ;)


Life beyond the BYKbox: I’m currently finishing up my degree in human biology and chemistry, with a minor in psychology and Spanish. On the very rare occasion I’ve got some free time, I love to go hiking upstate, play ultimate frisbee in Central Park, and check out new coffee shops.


Anything else you want us to know:
I collect books and succulents.

Social Media info:
FB: Ifrat Syeda
IG: @ifratsyeda
Spotify: eeefrat

Kat Piola

Name: Kat Piola

Hometown: Waterbury, CT

Why BYKlyn? The diversity within the BYKlyn community is a beautiful thing and it's a big part of why I love this studio. People of all races, cultures, fitness levels, ages, sexes, etc can come together for 45min to just sweat it out, and it truly connects us. You can feel that positive energy, that "spread love" vibe, that Brooklyn spirit... it's unlike anywhere else I've taught and it's quite inspiring.

What’s your class really like: I coach a dynamic, high intensity ride. Music is important to me so I create beat driven rides that also have purpose and result-oriented programming built into them. I encourage you to feel an array of both physical and emotional ups and downs as we move through the workout. It's a journey... clip in and enjoy the ride!

What’s your music vibe: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic... some of my fav artists are Imagine Dragons, Galantis, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers


Life beyond the BYKbox: With a background in fashion & fitness, I am developing my own fit-leisure brand...coming 2018! Socially, I enjoy eating out with friends, exploring NYC, and I'm all about spontaneous dance parties... no shame in my dance party game! I also enjoy doing hot yoga & strength training. Can't live without Coffee and PB. I love to travel and I'm always down for a road trip in my red car, which I've named Esmeralda because she's a little gypsy, hippie soul like me. :)

Anything else you want us to know:
I spent most of last year living on an island... from Ometepe, Nicaragua to St Croix, USVI... yes, it was amazing and no, I will never take a hot shower for granted again!

FB: Kathryn Piola
IG: katdp925
Spotify: Kathryn Piola


Ian Marion

Name: Ian Marion

Hometown: Dorset, VT

Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn sets itself apart from other cycling studios with their emphasis on balancing community and individual growth with challenging and diverse "real ride" classes.

What’s your class really like: I am a passionate rhythm rider who strives to channel that empowering connection between mind, body, music, and bike. My rides are dramatic and challenging, yet accessible and fun. I've always been a bit of a sucker for controlled and weighted speed drills - Ready, set, GO!

What’s your music vibe: My ride experience is 100% dependent on finding the most inspiring, fun and diverse music for every challenge. Maybe Missy Elliot/Rihanna for a fast flat drill and Tiesto/Armin van Buuren with those beat drops/climaxes for hills and sprints. The majority of my playlists are comprised of remixes from every genre. However, I tend to find the most inspiration from trap, hip hop, trance, and deep house(beat driven).

Life beyond the BYKbox: When I'm not lifting or cycling, you'll find me using a brush to push oil paints around on a canvas. I'm a full-time representational fine artist working out of my apartment in Park Slope, BK. I'm fortunate enough to be able to spend every day of my week doing two of the things I love most - besides eating and ogling other people’s dogs.

Anything else you want us to know:
I am a perfectionist by nature. Hence, I have perfected the art of eating ice cream by the pint. Also, I am captivated by world history, especially ancient history.

Social Media info:
FB: Ian Marion

Danielle Katz

Name: Danielle Katz

Hometown: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Why BYKlyn? Why not? What's not to like. The vibe is Brooklyn all day every day... gritty, real and diverse.

What's your class really like? It depends. One day it could be a party on the bike. The next day we're digging deep in the trenches. But it's all good!

What's your music vibe? I love music and love to channel my inner DJ in my classes so you'll always get a healthy mix of every and anything. In my ultimate cycling class I would have my fave artists performing. What? A girl can dream?!

Life beyond the BYKbox: When I'm not at BYKlyn I teach at my own art-based play-school.

Anything else you want us to know:
Cycling, family, traveling, good food.

FB: Danielle James Katz
IG: slydawtr1
Spotify: oseij


Tiffani Carter-Thompson

Name: Tiffani Carter
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn is home to a kick-ass community of warriors who come in every day with positivity. It feels like home with no judgements and the instructors are all phenomenal.


What’s your class really like: Party time! I plan new playlist rides every week and I channel my inner DJ to create a mood that is funky, fun, and fierce. You will hoot and holler and you will sweat!


What’s your music vibe: All deep house and hip hop/soul with a little old school mixed in. You'll hear Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar along side lounge house tracks by Black Coffee, Medina, and Disclosure. I create a rhythmic ride because I basically like to dance on the bike!


Life beyond the BYKbox: I love fitness, beauty and fashion. My other passion is leading public relations, social media and digital for the skincare brand Shiseido as Vice President of Integrated Communications. And I'm a morning person! If I'm not teaching or prepping for a big meeting, you can find me at Crossfit Prospect Heights in the neighborhood most mornings. My husband and I love to travel to sun-filled beautiful beaches a few times a year - I like to say I'm 'solar powered' because summer is my favorite time of year.

Anything else you want us to know:
I'm an Instagram junkie, I love candy and wine, and I now have three tattoos (Japanese symbol for soul, 'fitforlife' words and an 'Unalome' symbol for the path to enlightenment). I recently started a more regular meditation practice and I love it.


Social Media info:
FB: Tiffani Carter
IG: TiffDCarTom
Spotify: Tiffani Carter-Thompson

Sandy Wasserbach

Name: Sandra “Sandy” Wasserbach

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn makes me feel like part of a smaller, more intimate community within a borough of millions of people! The connection among instructors, staff, and rider is super strong and that’s what drew me to leave most of my Manhattan classes and grow roots here.

What’s your class really like: I try to channel my inner coach and push riders both physically and mentally, but I’m not a drill sergeant - You will sweat! You will laugh!

What’s your music vibe: Music genres vary each week. I’ve been known to follow-up Jay Z with Dave Matthews band. Rihanna with Rage Against The Machine. And so on...you’ll have to come and experience for yourself.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I was a D-1 college lacrosse player (go Hofstra!) and have always been a passionate athlete. In addition to cycling and fitness, travelling is an obsession. Recently married, my husband and I have experienced 8 countries together and will hopefully be hiking Patagonia or Kathmandu in 2018. We enjoy fostering kittens, drinking coffee..like a lot...cooking spicy meals, and exploring all that NYC has to offer.

Anything else you want us to know: Cycling. Cats. Coffee. It’s that simple :)

Social Media:

FB: Sandy Wasserbach
IG: Sandypants4
Spotify: Sandy Wasserbach


Avery Washington

Name: Avery Washington
Hometown: Brooklyn

Why BYKlyn? I'm from Brooklyn and all about Brooklyn, so BYKlyn is like working from home! The studio provides great sound, an atmosphere that's quaint, colorful and allows for members to share the energy flow. The members reflect the neighborhood, diverse, up-beat, loyal, fun and ready to go!

What’s your class really like: My classes are designed to keep your feet turning and your heart pumping. It's a indoor performance cycling experience with a variety of fun challenging intervals and rhythm pace enjoyment. You'll be coached and take yourself to the next level without knowing it.


What’s your music vibe: The music will set the tone and provide the pace. My music is high energy and will keep you motivated when I don't (which is never). My music will cross all genres, it all depends on the challenge ahead. Come feel the vibe!!!


Life beyond the BYKbox: I love the outdoors and shooting pictures of the city as I move about this vast concrete canvas known as NYC. I enjoy the challenge of biking here in the city and everywhere I go.


Anything else you want us to know:
I am University of Maryland grad...Business, certified Level 2 USA Cycling Coach, League of American Bicyclist BikeSmart Safety Instructor, Specialized Body Geometry Bike Fitter, Spinning and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer Adult & Youth.
Brooklyn is in the House!!!

Social Media info:
FB: Avery Washington

THE BYKlyn Experience: 45 minutes of high intensity cardio in our BYKbox to AMAZING music fitting the ride. Hills, Flats, Sprints, Intervals. This is a "no push up zone".

Upcoming classes:

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  • Sun Oct 22 9:00 am - 9:45 am with Tiffani Carter-Thompson
  • Sun Oct 22 11:30 am - 12:15 pm with Danielle Katz
  • Sun Oct 22 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm with Sandy Wasserbach
  • Mon Oct 23 6:30 am - 7:15 am with Avery Washington
  • Tue Oct 24 6:30 am - 7:15 am with Tiffani Carter-Thompson
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