J Ride - PureBYK

This class is taught by:

Chi Iregbulem-McGrath

Name: Chinemere "Chi" Iregbulem-McGrath

Hometown: New York, NY

Why BYKlyn? I met BYKlyn when I joined the Instructor mentorship program and I was hooked! I really enjoyed the laid back, non-judgmental, community feel. I credit the program with jumpstarting my cycling instructor career and am really happy to be back, now as an instructor!

What’s your class really like: I like to think of myself as the cheerleader with the bullhorn (mic?) as we ride, challenge ourselves and sweat together to some cool beats!

What’s your music vibe: Musical potpourri. I am driven by beats and rhythms. I espeically like sounds from around the world: from Jamaica, Queens to Jamaica, West Indies, from Brooklyn to Belgium.

Life beyond the BYKbox: When not at BYKlyn, you'll find me at the gym (Zumba, weight training), in Fort Greene or Prospect Park, walking (I love walking, so therapeutic!), at the beach when it's warm, traveling (next up for 2018: Iceland, back to Nigeria, South America), or home with a good book.

Anything else you want us to know:
I hope to retire in Costa Rica.

Social Media:
IG: AChiGrowsinBrooklyn
Spotify: ChiChi726

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Upcoming classes:

  • Mon Jan 28 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm with Chi Iregbulem-McGrath