This class is taught by:

Sandy Wasserbach

Name: Sandra “Sandy” Wasserbach

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn makes me feel like part of a smaller, more intimate community within a borough of millions of people! The connection among instructors, staff, and rider is super strong and that’s what drew me to leave most of my Manhattan classes and grow roots here.

What’s your class really like: I try to channel my inner coach and push riders both physically and mentally, but I’m not a drill sergeant - You will sweat! You will laugh!

What’s your music vibe: Music genres vary each week. I’ve been known to follow-up Jay Z with Dave Matthews band. Rihanna with Rage Against The Machine. And so on...you’ll have to come and experience for yourself.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I was a D-1 college lacrosse player (go Hofstra!) and have always been a passionate athlete. In addition to cycling and fitness, travelling is an obsession. Recently married, my husband and I have experienced 8 countries together and will hopefully be hiking Patagonia or Kathmandu in 2018. We enjoy fostering kittens, drinking coffee..like a lot...cooking spicy meals, and exploring all that NYC has to offer.

Anything else you want us to know: Cycling. Cats. Coffee. It’s that simple :)

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FB: Sandy Wasserbach
IG: Sandypants4
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Jo Brenner

Name: Joanna “Jo” Brenner

Hometown:Frederick, MD

Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn is a lot of things — friendly, personable, diverse, down to earth, tough, spunky (I could do this all day) — but, at its heart of hearts, it's about YOU. It's not about trends; it's about celebrating individuality, whatever your fitness intentions are. It's hard to feel out of place when there are so many different kinds of people supporting each others' goals, and I dig that.

What’s your class really like: I like to fuse high intensity, sweat pouring down your face drills with humor. Think of it as pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations by embracing discomfort rather than shying away from it ... while I say goofy things into a microphone :)

What’s your music vibe: Like the fitness version of Coachella, with the occasional 80s/90s throwback party. My class is music-driven, so when in doubt, find the beat.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I'm a journalist by day, passionate about stories with moral force and very clean style and grammar. I have a beautiful and slightly diabolical orange cat named Gouda ("Gooey") and in my spare time I like running and yoga, reading the internet, and eating.

Anything else you want us to know:
Ask me about my bullet journal.

Social Media info:
FB: Joanna Brenner
IG: JoannaDanielle
Spotify: JoannaDanielle