This class is taught by:

Jo Brenner

Name: Joanna “Jo” Brenner

Hometown:Frederick, MD

Why BYKlyn? BYKlyn is a lot of things — friendly, personable, diverse, down to earth, tough, spunky (I could do this all day) — but, at its heart of hearts, it's about YOU. It's not about trends; it's about celebrating individuality, whatever your fitness intentions are. It's hard to feel out of place when there are so many different kinds of people supporting each others' goals, and I dig that.

What’s your class really like: I like to fuse high intensity, sweat pouring down your face drills with humor. Think of it as pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations by embracing discomfort rather than shying away from it ... while I say goofy things into a microphone :)

What’s your music vibe: Like the fitness version of Coachella, with the occasional 80s/90s throwback party. My class is music-driven, so when in doubt, find the beat.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I'm a journalist by day, passionate about stories with moral force and very clean style and grammar. I have a beautiful and slightly diabolical orange cat named Gouda ("Gooey") and in my spare time I like running and yoga, reading the internet, and eating.

Anything else you want us to know:
Ask me about my bullet journal.

Social Media info:
FB: Joanna Brenner
IG: JoannaDanielle
Spotify: JoannaDanielle


Crystal Fasano

Name : Crystal Rodriguez-Fasano
Hometown:Brooklyn, New York

Why Byklyn?
There is something so refreshing about the diversity at BYKlyn. I have worked at studios where the vibe was robotic and instructors were almost expected to be a mold of one another. BYKlyn is the complete opposite. All of the instructors have their own unique qualities and we are encouraged to be our authentic self which is truly amazing. Our members have incredible energy and they also come from different fitness backgrounds, walks of life, but what they all bring to the studio, is energy, drive, ambition and just the bad ass attitude that is Brooklyn!

What's your class really like?
My class is very much like my personality. It's encouraging and mindful of everyone's fitness level. I like to "meet my riders where they are" and I push you to work as hard as you can, or scale back if your body is not ready for it, at the end of the day, I just want you to feel successful at the end of your ride. I like vibey music and I LOVE hill work, so think of my class as a strength based ride. Your legs will work !!

What's your music vibe?
I like variety. I love old school Hip hop, current hip hop, pop music, regeatton, (so think Beyonce, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, and then a little bit of Selena Gomez and old school Destiny's Child. Every once in a while you'll get some 90's rock to get you through a hill.

Life Beyond the BYKbox:

Outside of BYKlyn I'm a Personal trainer and Holistic Health coach with a Specialization in Pre-Post Natal exercise and women's health/hormone balancing. I have an amazing Husband who supports all of my craziness and I love him for that!!

Anything Else you want us to know?
I have a 100lb Alaskan Malamute named Elmer who I'm obsessed with!!! My favorite pass time is hanging out with him because he is the sweetest most hilarious dog ever. Warning.... if you ask to see a picture of him be prepared to see 20 pictures and then about 3 videos because I'm a crazy Malamute Mama haha!!

Instagram : @crystalrf_fitness

Eric Lawrence

Name: Eric Lawrence
Hometown: Westbury, NY

Why BYKlyn? BYKLyn is real:

-You’re going to be pleasantly greeted by a real person, not cheerfully assaulted by a fake happy person.

-You can wear a $300 outfit or the Kmart special, nobody cares.

-You will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of your experience and fitness level.

-You don't need to be cool, or try to be cool at BYKLyn. You just need to work hard and enjoy the tunes.

What’s your class really like: My classes are designed in a way that put you in charge of the intensity level. Depending on how you are feeling that day, you can easily customize your experience to be moderately challenging, difficult, or extremely challenging.

What’s your music vibe: A person once described my playlists as "Shuffle that's on shuffle." A single playlist can include Soulja Boy, Simon & Garfunkel, Rihanna, and something from a Broadway show. If you have very diverse musical taste, we will vibe well.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I'm a local, having lived in Park Slope since 2009. I also teach yoga and meditation. You'll find me in the park a lot with my Boston Terrier, Nelson. Being a dad to my 4 year old daughter keeps me quite busy (by always trying to keep her busy).


Anything else you want us to know:
In the early 2000s I appeared on the reality dating show Change Of Heart with a fake girlfriend. Before you ask, the only tape in existence has been lost.


Social Media info:
FB: Eric Lawrence
IG: EricLawrence316
Spotify: Eric Lawrence


Nicole Murray

Name: Nicole Murray

Hometown: Brooklyn by way of Trinidad :-)

Why BYKlyn? I like BYKlyn because this studio knows riders are diverse with different needs. So there are a variety of classes and instructors to accommodate that. Want a standard ride? You got it. Prefer a longer class? We got that too. Need a Total Body Conditioning component? Done. And the instructor team, while all committed to real ride, represents this diversity as well. Also, because it’s a smaller studio, you get a chance to know the riders personally - everyone feels like extended family.

What’s your class really like: I like my ride to feel like a party. Hills, drills and thrills. Laugh, have fun, make that weird face, scream if you need to. Whatever kind of day, week, or month you’ve had, use my class as your outlet to get it allllll out.

What’s your music vibe: Pop, rock, soca, reggae, hip hop and dance. I look to find ways to bring it all together, to take you on a musical journey while you ride.

Life beyond the BYKbox: I’m a runner. I was a racing fanatic from 2009 to 2014. Anything with a half a bagel, half a banana and a medal at the finish line and I was there. I’ve done Half Marathons in all 5 boroughs and the NYC Marathon twice. I even used vacation as an excuse to lace up. I’ve done Paris, Canada, and Jamaica races so far. The Great Wall Marathon is on my bucket list.

Anything else you want us to know:
M&Ms and Cheetos are my kryptonite.

Social Media:

FB: Nicolefitfocus
IG: Nicolefitfocus
Spotify: Nicole Murray

The 60 Minute endurance ride in our BYKbox to AMAZING music fitting the ride. Hills, intervals, sprints and serious sweat…it’s all there and more. You might be scared…but don’t be. Everyone loves the extra push! 

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